We are pleased to announce that Set Sail Vacations is now on Facebook!

We have launched a large social media campaign to increase our social media presence.  Social media is a great medium to allow quick and easy communication between us and any potential traveler or member.

Our Facebook page will be used universally to add pictures of travels and exotic locations.  We encourage everyone to post pictures from trips, past and present, and share with us your experiences.  As we offer a large array of services, including hotel services, cruises, and flight deals, we know that there will be a large selection of photos that can be added to help people to know exactly what to expect when on a trip.

We will also use Facebook to post deals and sales.  This will allow you to have up-to-the-minute information on discounts and hot deals.  We want to provide everyone with the cheapest deals so that they have the money to spend on the vacation itself and not on getting there.

Facebook will also be used to pass information back and forth between ourselves and you.  This is not going to replace customer interactions at all.  Rather this will be used to help complement our superior customer service that we already provide.  We are hoping that Facebook will be used to answer general questions that get asked repeated, and can be used as a Frequently Asked Questions database.

Finally, Facebook will also be used to update information.  This will include not only changes to any deals or specials that we are running at the time, but also any changes within our company.  Along with our LinkedIn profile page, we will post information regarding changes to personnel within the company and openings for employment as they become available from time to time.

Also, for those not on Facebook, we have started social media accounts on Google+ which we will use similarly to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  All of these social media platforms have their strengths and weaknesses and we hope to utilize their strengths to help provide a more comprehensive interaction with you.

We hope to see you on Facebook!